About Me !!

I was born there 400 years of it with a plate and a microwave. But at the time nobody knew what it pourais serve me.

I had to wait 80 years to finally tell me that I had tools in the hands of gold.

It was not easy at the time to tell me that I would become DJ’S, especially for my parents …. I spend comments ….. !

Short! The line is trassée for me, that’s my goal and my future profession. I was 10! And already I’m hanging with family musikos no choice.

I mix my first sound system for the birthday of my cousin (Jean Louis kisses to you!)

The sound was composed of two Hifi with speed on the turntables, what are the top!

And of course, a mixer, and this is my party kiki!

Meanwhile, I did a lot of shit like kids my age, so I fast forward >>>>>

Here I am, a few years later, radio host. That is, I discovered that I was finally gifted me but not others. I created my first program « Mégamix FM » and I mix live just before a live nightclub. Until the day the boss this box to force listen to me, asked me to come directly to the mixer box in front of a delirious crowd very happy to know the guy they heard on the radio (especially girls! ).

I spend a few >>>>>> boxes, radios, sound systems later to Paris …..

A small registration Agency Servive Montreil of me and he goes on the roads of France.

15 years later, I became Director of Transmission and also ride my box prod. Meanwhile, I have had the time and yes still have a family and have 3 beautiful girls. Yeah I know I’m not boy …..

Now I’m in another branch, like computers, I’m too old to mix, but I always do that in the blood and I can not help it, that’s how!

Today, when I have time, I make Mix and remix on PC and when I have more time, I add the video.

Here’s to fast!

Spending quality time on the site and left comments, it’s free!

In the mix!